Atlanta Publishing House LLC Retraction and Correction Policies Statement

Atlanta Publishing House LLC (European Journal of Chemistry) is committed to uphold the integrity of the literature and publishes Errata, Expressions of Concerns or Retraction Notices dependent on the situation and in accordance with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Retraction Guidelines as quickly as possible. Authors can revise, change and update their articles by publishing new versions, which are added to the article’s history; however, the individual versions, once published, cannot be altered or withdrawn and are permanently available on European Journal of Chemistry website.

A notice of correction will be issued by Atlanta Publishing House LLC (European Journal of Chemistry) to document and correct substantial errors that appear in online articles when these errors significantly affect the content or understanding of the work reported or when the error affects the publication’s metadata. In these cases, Atlanta Publishing House LLC (European Journal of Chemistry) will publish a correction that will be linked to the original article.

For any retracted article, the reason for retraction and who is instigating the retraction will be clearly stated in the Retraction notice. The retraction notice will be linked to the retracted article on the website and the article will be clearly marked as retracted. The content of a retracted article would only be removed where legal limitations have been placed upon the publisher, copyright holder or authors, for example, if the article is clearly defamatory or infringes others’ legal rights, or if the article is the subject of a court order. In such cases, the bibliographic information for the article will be retained on the site along with information regarding the circumstances that led to the removal of the content.

By applying the CrossMark policies, European Journal of Chemistry is committed to maintaining the content it publishes and to alerting readers to changes if and when they occur. Clicking on the CrossMark logo at the top of Article will give you the current status of an article and direct you to the latest published version; it may also give you additional information.

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Updated March 2018